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Welcome to Aroga Pharmacy, your trusted destination for comprehensive healthcare services. If you’re dealing with the discomfort of impetigo, we’ve got your solution. Our expert team is dedicated to providing effective impetigo treatment tailored to your needs, serving not only Farnham Common but also the neighbouring areas of Taplow, Stoke Poges, Hedgerley, Gerrards Cross, Fulmer, Farnham Royal, East Burnham, and Burnham.

What is Impetigo?

Impetigo is a common and contagious bacterial skin infection that can affect people of all ages. It often presents as red sores or blisters, which can be itchy and prone to spreading. The bacteria causing impetigo can enter the body through cuts, scrapes, or insect bites, making it essential to seek timely treatment.

Impetigo treatment in gerrards cross
Explore effective impetigo treatment at aroga pharmacy, farnham common.

What are the Symptoms of Impetigo?

Identifying impetigo early is crucial for prompt treatment. Common symptoms include red sores that quickly rupture, forming honey-coloured crusts. It is also possible to experience itching and a rash. If you notice these signs, it’s advisable to seek professional help to prevent the spread of the infection. 

What to Expect During Treatment?

Our impetigo treatment approach is comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced healthcare professionals will assess the severity of the infection and recommend appropriate topical or oral antibiotics. Following the prescribed treatment plan is essential to ensure effective results. 

Don’t let impetigo impact your daily life. Take the first step towards clear and healthy skin by booking an appointment with our dedicated team at Aroga Pharmacy. We understand the discomfort impetigo can cause, and our expert professionals are here to guide you through a personalised treatment journey.